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Meeting Women On Vacation

When was the last time one of your single friends went on vacation and didn’t come back with a story about a hot hookup? It’s probably been a while, because chances are your friends always come back with steamy sex stories to share. Single men have a tendency of seeking out other singles while on vaca.

If you’re going to try to hookup on vacation, you’re going to want to prepare in advance! Start with who you’re going with, and who you want to attract. Finding people to connect with when you go by yourself is hard, because generally single women vacation with a group of friends, and that group often wants to find another group who can accommodate all of them, not just one. Are you looking for someone adventurous who is going to spend her spare time rock climbing with you, or do you want someone to lay on the beach with? The people you go with should be based on what you want. If you do want to spend your time with women on the beach, take friends who are looking for relaxation. If you want someone you’re going to be able to get active with, take friends who will be willing to go out and get their explorer side on while you’re there.

If you don’t feel like going with friend to pick up on a tropical destination, then do something that’s designed just for singles! There’s a lot of cruise companies that have cruises just for singles. The events, the dinners, even the patios are designed for people to intermingle and talk with other singles. Since everyone is there for the same purpose, the pressure stays off and you get to relax as you set sail.

If you want to meet local women, then you can keep your vacation in town! Find a place where others go on vacation in your town– a tourist attraction, a popular beach, a bar that attracts out-of-towners– and head there for the week! They may be from out of town, but chances are they’ll come back often if the area is fun and they meet quality single guys (*cough*YOU!*cough).

When you finally get time off, spend it the best way you can– looking for your perfect match! Vacations are a time for relaxation and fun, two key elements to a goo relationship. So grab your sunscreen and your most suave pick up lines and get dating!

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What To Work On When You Work Out

It’s bathing suit season. I know a lot of you probably think that’s a worry for women only, but let me tell you, it’s something that you should be thinking about as well. It’s not just other women that females compare their bodies to, believe it or not it’s men as well.

Women want to know that men put time and effort into their bodies. If it looks like all you’ve done all winter was eat chips while watching hockey, then you’re going to have a rough time when you take off your shirt during your first visit to meet local women at the beach.

It’s a harsh reality, but single men have to put in a solid effort if they want to attract women. The days of working solely off your charm and charisma are counting down, as more and more fun men are hitting the gym. When they have the personality AND the looks, how are you going to stack up?

The good news is, there are certain areas that women are most attracted to. If you’re not a big gym buff, then try pumping up these key spots to keep your confidence above water.

  • Shoulders.
    Women have an instant attraction to shoulders. Dating all the way back to the stone ages, women looked for men with wide and muscular shoulders, because they were the ones that were most likely to be able to defend them against predators. Women today  are similarly naturally attracted to men with wide shoulders because they subconsciously connect that with being a good provider for a family.
  • Legs.
    This is a self-confidence issue for women, and it’s a very simple concept to understand: Women want to feel like they have small legs, and they do that by comparing their legs to other peoples. If you’re the boyfriend she’s always with and your legs are trunks, then no matter the size of hers, she’s always going to feel secure when compared to you. It’s strange, but more than 80% of women say they prefer a man with wide legs because of this reason alone.
  • Neck.
    Having a muscly neck and having a fat neck are  two different things, so don’t think you can achieve this one by mowing down on tacos! The muscles where the base of the neck meets the shoulders are a turn on for women, because they have a tendency to associate the look of your neck with the shaft with your penis. The thicket the neck, the bigger the penis.
  • Forearms.
    This one is very similar to why they like wide shoulders. If men have strong forearms, women think they’ll be able to fulfill the traditional male roles in moving heavy objects and being an overall handy man.

You don’t have to look like you’re the next Schwarzenegger to attract women, but it doesn’t hurt if you do look a little on the fit side! Before the summer gets hot, spend a little time on your physical fitness so you can ensure the season really heats up!

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Chasing The Cheerleader

It was the high school dream; dating one of the girls in the this-outfit-seems-way-to-inappropriate-to-be-so-socially-acceptable-in-high-schools cheerleader outfit. Now that you’re a little older, the high school girls don’t do it for you. But the cheerleader outfit sure as hell still does!

There’s something about cheerleaders that never seems to go out of style. First it was your high school ones, then your university squad, and now you still get to enjoy the view during halftime at any NFL or NBA game. But what good is watching it!?Don’t you want a cheerleader of your own? I do. And I have. But that’s because I grew up next to a girl who ended up being a Dallas Cheerleader when we were older, and it turned out she always thought I was cute. Not all men can have that kind of luck where they meet local women who grow up to be babes, so I’ve thought of a few ways to get a cheerleader an easier way.

First, try and find the puck bunnies! Hit up the local sports bar next time there’s a game and see who comes out to view the match. If there’s girls there that are sports fans, then they’re only one pom-pom away from being a cheerleader!

If there isn’t enough women coming to the bar to choose from, then cut out the middle man and go straight to the source– get a ticket to the game. Girls that go to the games play the part of cheerleader in the stands. Like anywhere women go, they take their time getting ready to look nice to go to the game (I’m not complaining about this, I’m just stating the facts! I love that women put so much effort into going out. All I do is shave my face), so not only are they ready to get their cheer on, they look great while doing it. And if they can’t get the shot they were hoping for with Kobe Bryant, maybe they’ll be so excited about the game that they’ll look for the next best thing, which could be you.

Here’s a fun suggestion: Volunteer for pre-season games. A lot of the time, teams will have so much activity going on in the preseason, they need extra hands to help out. Not only will you get to see the team in an intimate environment, but chances are you’ll also get to meet the girls auditioning for the dance troop. When they get cut, they’re going to need a shoulder to cry on!

If all else fails, there’s the easiest and probably most obvious solution. Role play! Girls love a little spice to their sex life, and playing dress up is a great way to do that. Put on a football jersey, get her a cheerleader outfit, and you’ve got yourself a fun night!

When you’re on your search for dating, you might as well search for what you’ve always wanted, a cheerleader to call your own. Hopefully you’ll finally get your rah-rah-sis-boom-…bang.

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Finding Women Where You Work

I’m going to start this blog with a big ol’ warning: DON’T DO IT!!! I know you’ve had a crush on the receptionist for years, but trust me, starting an office romance is like playing with fire.

There’s so many negative variables that go into inter office dating: Risks of being fired, being unconsciously inappropriate, having your attempts at hitting on the object of your affection being misconstrued as sexual harassment… The list goes on and on. If you’re thinking about doing it, my best and biggest piece of advice would be to step back from the situation and walk away!

With all that being said and you are still going to go for it, I have a few pieces of advice for keeping your job save while getting it on.

If you’re going to hit on someone, do it once, and do it clearly. Not doing this is how sexual harassment suits start! Usually when people want to hit on someone in the office, they want to test the waters. They stop by the other persons desk every once in a while, try to build a casual friendship with them, then eventually drop hints about dating or fooling around, and repeat. So what does that lead to? Someone being extremely creeped out that a guy comes to her desk all the time talking about dating. If you’re going to hit on someone, then hit on them! There’s no point of waisting your time and confusing her just because you don’t have the gonads to ask her out. Don’t beat around the bush.

Make sure you know the rules about dating in your office. I’ve worked for a lot of companies where dating is strictly off limits, no exceptions. As harsh as this may seem, it’s actually an extremely smart move. People get promoted all the time, and you don’t want people thinking you got your new position just because you’re screwing the boss. Before you engage in the act, look over your work’s code of conduct to see what the regulations are on inter-office romances. If it says don’t do it, then don’t do it! Go to a bar and meet local women there instead of fishing in your office pond. There’s no point of losing your job over someone you haven’t even started dating.

Keep the good parts out of the office. Sure we’ve all had that fantasy where you meet someone in the supply closet so you can do the deed on the photocopier, but that’s probably the easiest way to get yourself fired. Funnest way too, but fired none the less. Keep all PDA out of the office.

If you’re going to start banging someone in your office, be smart about it! Don’t shag in your cubicle, don’t let too many people know, and don’t have sex on the photocopier. Other people need to use that thing.

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Why I Quit Speed Dating

Nothing irritates me more than a job interview that someone conducts in less than 30 minutes. When I was 18, I worked as a manager at Tommy Hilfiger, and even the interviews I did for my part-time sales associates I still spent at least 45 minutes on. You need to know what they’re looking for in a job, what qualifies them to work for you, if you think their personality will work well with the rest of your team, what their salary expectations are, how long they’re planning to stay, what kind of product knowledge they have, if they’re quick learners.. There’s a lot of information you need, and that’s just for someone to sell overpriced t-shits. You need to take time in speaking with someone or you’ll never know what they’re capable of. When people interview me and try to make it quick, I make a point to give them details they don’t ask for, because they longer they speak with me, the better chance they have to see I’m right for the job.

That’s why I hate speed dating. Sure it’s a great place to meet local women, but you learn nothing about them. Most places I went to give you a 3 or 5 minute limit in speaking with someone. how am I suppose to get to know someone in that kind of time frame? Sure they have their little note pad in front of them that short forms their life for me. You used to be married, have two kids, and work as a lawyer. Okay, but what about the details? Why didn’t it work out with your first husband? How’s your relationship how? Are your children sons or daughters? Do you get along with them well? What are they interested in? What are your aspirations for them? Do you like working as a lawyer? You don’t get any of the details while speed dating that you need to make a genuine connection.

That’s why I love online dating. It gives you the same opportunity to meet the same amount of single ladies, but this way you can take your time with them. There’s no one standing there with a little bell that tells you it’s time to move onto the next person in line. People have the notion that internet dating isn’t as intimate or romantic as finding someone organically, which may be true for some, but it’s a hell of a lot more romantic than having someone count the amount of time you have left in a conversation.

If you’re looking for a good way to find women and have a meaningful talk, take it from me, Internet dating is ten fold over speed dating. You’ll get more out of it and have a better time in the process. Ditch the egg timer and get online, it’ll be worth your time if you do.


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