Meeting Women On Vacation

When was the last time one of your single friends went on vacation and didn’t come back with a story about a hot hookup? It’s probably been a while, because chances are your friends always come back with steamy sex stories to share. Single men have a tendency of seeking out other singles while on vaca.

If you’re going to try to hookup on vacation, you’re going to want to prepare in advance! Start with who you’re going with, and who you want to attract. Finding people to connect with when you go by yourself is hard, because generally single women vacation with a group of friends, and that group often wants to find another group who can accommodate all of them, not just one. Are you looking for someone adventurous who is going to spend her spare time rock climbing with you, or do you want someone to lay on the beach with? The people you go with should be based on what you want. If you do want to spend your time with women on the beach, take friends who are looking for relaxation. If you want someone you’re going to be able to get active with, take friends who will be willing to go out and get their explorer side on while you’re there.

If you don’t feel like going with friend to pick up on a tropical destination, then do something that’s designed just for singles! There’s a lot of cruise companies that have cruises just for singles. The events, the dinners, even the patios are designed for people to intermingle and talk with other singles. Since everyone is there for the same purpose, the pressure stays off and you get to relax as you set sail.

If you want to meet local women, then you can keep your vacation in town! Find a place where others go on vacation in your town– a tourist attraction, a popular beach, a bar that attracts out-of-towners– and head there for the week! They may be from out of town, but chances are they’ll come back often if the area is fun and they meet quality single guys (*cough*YOU!*cough).

When you finally get time off, spend it the best way you can– looking for your perfect match! Vacations are a time for relaxation and fun, two key elements to a goo relationship. So grab your sunscreen and your most suave pick up lines and get dating!

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